Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long have the tribes been negotiating the transaction?

  • The two tribes have been in discussions about a possible purchase for a number of years.


Why did the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe decide to buy Salish Lodge & Spa?

  • Snoqualmie Falls is a sacred site to the Snoqualmie People. Our ancestors have sought to obtain legal ownership of the site for generations.
  • This purchase also ensures that the development on the Morgan Parcels, which the Tribe has very publicly opposed for a number of years, will not proceed, protecting sacred land from being further desecrated.


Will Salish Lodge stay open?

  • The Lodge will continue to operate in the same way it has under the management of Columbia Hospitality.
  • The Snoqualmie Tribe is excited to be active owners of the Salish Lodge & Spa. We look forward to incorporating Snoqualmie and other native artwork, and sharing our history and heritage with our visitors.


Will the planned development still happen?

  • The Snoqualmie Tribe is stopping the proposed housing development because these parcels are ancient burial grounds and culturally and spiritually important to the Snoqualmie People.
  • In reclaiming these sacred traditional lands, the Tribe’s goal is to preserve this special place, be a good steward of the land, and to share it with all who wish to experience the powerful connection.
  • The Snoqualmie Tribe has always been up front about our desire to protect our sacred lands, in fact we’ve been fighting for decades, and the purchase marks a major victory in this effort.


What will happen to the land now that it is not being developed? Does the Snoqualmie Tribe intend to build a casino there?

  • The Snoqualmie Tribe has no plans for the development of the Morgan Parcels.


    How much is the Snoqualmie Tribe paying for the land?

    • The entire purchase, including the Salish Lodge & Spa and the Morgan Parcels, is $125 million.


    What does the Snoqualmie Tribe hope to achieve as a business owner at Snoqualmie Falls?

    • The Snoqualmie Tribe has always been transparent about its desire to protect the land surrounding one of our most sacred sites: Snoqualmie Falls. This purchase offers us the opportunity to do just that, while also preserving the Salish Lodge & Spa as a community institution.
    • Over the coming months, we are excited to work with Columbia Hospitality and the Salish Lodge & Spa staff to increase visibility of our heritage in the space. Our goal is that every visitor to the Lodge will leave with an appreciation of the cultural and spiritual significance of the Falls and the surrounding sacred land.
    • The Snoqualmie Tribe is committed to being faithful representatives of the Snoqualmie Tribe’s membership, and active participants in the broader Snoqualmie community. We believe that this purchase allows us to achieve both of those goals.
    • We also acknowledge our responsibility to the Snoqualmie community. We are excited for this opportunity to use the Salish Lodge & Spa to educate visitors about the importance of the land to the Snoqualmie Tribe, while providing the same kind of high quality experience they have come to expect.


    How will this change in ownership affect other local businesses?

    • The Snoqualmie Tribe believes that prioritizing the protection of Snoqualmie Falls and the surrounding sacred land only adds value to the broader community.
    • The Tribe believes that the land, the Falls, and the Lodge should be managed responsibly and with the utmost respect for the area’s historical, cultural and spiritual significance to the Snoqualmie People.
    • The Salish Lodge & Spa will continue to operate normally, continuing to contribute to the local economy.


    Will this purchase affect the electricity generated by the dam?

    • No. However, the Snoqualmie Tribe has a well documented history of advocating for the Falls to be restored to its natural flow.